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We value the trust you place in us.

Privacy Policy

Who we are:


  • Seebaran Suite Ltd is the company, trading as Cosmetic Beauty Secrets. (“The business”)

  • The sole director and sole shareholder is Dr. Dara Chameli Seebaran Suite

  • Jonathan Christopher Gallagher supports the business and may come into contact with personal data as part of this.

  • Collectively they are known as “the management team”. 


What will we do with your information?


  • Store and refer to your personal data as part of a course of treatment. This includes information on any current or previous medical conditions.

  • Contact you to check up on the progress of your treatment.

  • Use your personal data in the course of reviewing the business operations.

  • ​Store images to monitor the effects of any treatment you undergo with us.

  • Store and use your personal data for outbound marketing activities. This includes:

    1. Contacting you to share healthcare advice (blogging and newsletters)

    2. Sharing anonymised images of your treatments on advertising platforms. This will only be done with your consent in writing. These are known as “before and afters”.

Who your data will be shared with:


  • Your medical history, contact details and demographics will not be shared with anyone outside of the management team.

  • If you have provided prior consent, anonymised images of you may be shared on advertising platforms.  These anonymised images may also be shared with prospective patients.


Where is your data stored?


Data is stored on:

  • Encrypted Public clouds: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Office and Apple iCloud.

  • IOS devices.

  • Paper records are stored in a locked cabinet at a secure location.  


How could any of this change?


  • The business may engage a third party marketing services provider to conduct outbound campaigns. The management team will not give permission for the third party to store or use the data beyond the agreed purpose.

  • The management team may consolidate different data onto a single cloud, be it private or public.

  • The management team may combine your data with publicly-available data as part of assessing new business opportunities. Any data shared with third parties will be anonymised. 

I have read and agreed to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy
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