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Transgender and Beautiful: Facial Feminization Surgery

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Last week it was revealed that Caitlyn Jenner had genital reassignment surgery. Whilst some people may think this is the ultimate step in transitioning, several people in the transgender community view facial reassignment surgery to be more important. This is especially the case for people who have transitioned later in life, when their face has been moulded by their sex hormones. For men who want to transition to female, facial feminisation surgery allows them to face the world as a woman. They are able to " socially transition" which may be the most important transition of all.

But if you are a woman, read on! Facial feminisation surgery is also popular among women who wish to appear more feminine. So what is facial feminisation? Facial feminisation procedures are a collection of surgical and non surgical procedures which aim to alter the facial features of a man so that they appear feminine. These are the top procedures used to create a beautiful feminine face.

1. Hairline Shaping: Men often have a higher hairline than women, with receded corners above the temples so that the hairline takes on an " M" shape. Hairlines can be moved forward and repositioned during a scalp advance operation. Receded areas are then treated with hair transplantation.

Hairline Feminisation using Scalp Advancement: Image Courtesy of

Hairline Feminisation Using Hair Transplantation: Image courtesy of

2. Brow Lift: A woman's eyebrows tend to sit above the brow bridge (horizontal ridge of bone running across the lower forehead). They also have an arched shape, similar to that of segull's wings. A man, on the other hand, tends to have lower set eyebrows, below the brow bridge with more or less a horizontal shape. Hairline shaping surgery can lift a man's eyebrows along with blepharoplasty, and regular botox can be used to create a feminine arch.

Eyebrow Lift Resulting From Scalp Advancement: Image courtesy of

3. Rhinoplasty: Men usually have larger, longer and wider noses then women. Surgical rhinoplasty involves removing bone and sculpting what is left. Interestingly, the tip of a woman's nose has a slight upwards tilt. If rhinoplasty seems too invasive an option, small amounts of botox and dermal filler can lift the tip of a nose and reduce minor dorsal humps.


Feminising Rhinoplasty: Image courtesy of

4. Cheek Enhancement: Women have fuller cheeks, with more forward projection then men. In addition, the cheeks of women form a triangle with the tip of the chin. As a result cheek augmentation is usually combined with chin augmentation to achieve the ideal outcome. Cheek augmenation can be done by shaving the facial bones. Less invasive options include permanent implants. These implants can be associated with infection and migration and look assymetrical. Dermal fillers can also be used, and whilst they are not permanent, they integrate with the native tissue and are unlikely to migrate giving a more natural and bespoke end result.

Feminizing Cheek Enhancement: Image courtesy​


5. Jawline Sculpting: A male jaw has a more square base/ corner and has more projection than a woman's. Jaw reduction surgery reshapes the mandible bone to narrow it. Risks include damage to mental nerve which provides sensation to teeth, lower lip and chin. This surgery is also associated with damage to the roots of teeth and infection. Less invasive options are to have regular botox the masseter muscle. This muscle wraps around the corner of the jaw and can be shrunk using botox. This results in a narrower jaw.

Jawline Sculpting including chin Augmentation:

Image courtesy

6. Chin Augmentation: A woman's chin tends to be more pointed than a man's. It ideally forms a triangle with her cheek bones. A man's chin is generally square. Again, bone reduction and sculpting can be done to achieve a permanent change. Non permanent options include botox to the mentalis muscle to turn the chin down and dermal filler to sculpt a more pointed chin. Chin augmentation is best combined with both jawline sculpting and cheek augmentation.

7. Lip Enhancement: Subtle changes here can make a big difference. The distance between the upper lip and nose in a man is longer and men have thinner lips in general. A lip lift, consists of removing a section of skin between the nose and the top lip. This lifts the upper lip and turns it out a little, decreasing the distance from the lip to the nose and making the upper lip appear fuller. Lip augmentation using dermal filler can then be used to further enhance the volume of the lips and to create a feminine shape with exaggerated features such as the cupid's box and the philtrum columns.


Lip Lift: Image Courtesy of

8. Adam's Apple Reduction: " Adam's Apple" the defining characteristic of masculinity, is due to a projection of the thyroid cartilage more prominent in men. This cartilage can be shaved down to reduce the appearance. Care must be taken because the vocal cords and epiglottis are intimately connected to the thyroid cartilage.

Tracheal Shave: Image courtesy of

9. Laser Hair Removal: Testosterone triggers the thickening of facial hair and the growth of a moustache and beard. The best option for long lasting reduction in facial hair is laser hair removal, which targets the hair follicle. Most people will need between 6-12 sessions to achieve a significant reduction in hair growth and then 1-2 sessions per year for maintenance. By far a better option than waxing or shaving.

Laser Hair Removal for Facial Feminisation:

Image courtesy of

If any of these procedures may be of interest to you, please contact us at Cosmetic Beauty Secrets or check out our Pinterest page dedicated to Transgender Beauty.

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