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The Top Five Ways President-Elect Trump Could Look Younger (and more presidential)

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

So the most surprising election of our generation is over and Mr. Donald J. Trump has won. Most of us are very anxious about what a Trump presidency would bring. We have been spoiled over the past eight years with President Obama, one of the youngest and arguably most attractive American presidents to gaze upon.

But the die is cast and it is Trump's face that will grace our television screens for the next four years. Let's see how he could make that a more pleasurable experience for us all.

1. GET RID OF THAT ORANGE TAN: We get it, tanned skin portrays a sign of youth and virility, of a life well-spent basking in the Sun on an exotic beach. However, Mr. Trump's bottle-bought tan is not doing him any favours. It has opened him up to countless memes and is a source of global ridicule. More importantly it is not a natural look and the public wants their president to look natural, and not appear to be so obsessed with his skin colour that he would put off a meeting with his Chief-of-Staff to attend his appointment at the tanning salon.

Mr. Trump would do far better to reduce his tan and opt for a gradual series of chemical skin peels to refresh his 70 year old skin. Chemical peels exfoliate the top layers of the skin to reveal healthy, younger skin, treat acne, minimise hyperpigmentation and reduce the signs of sun damage. Regular peels can even reduce fine wrinkles (and we are sure the presidency will be a source of many). And don't believe the hype, when done properly chemical peels have minimal down time and without pain.

2. HAVE A LITTLE BOTOX: Mr Trump is a 70-something year old man and he is bound to have a wrinkle or two, but deep crevices are a no-no for public life. They are distracting on the television and give the impression that the individual is old beyond his years (I won't go so far as to say wise beyond his years, because let's face it, this is Trump we are talking about). Mr. Trump is veteran of the reality TV world and as such should very well know the value of a youthful photo.

We would advise Mr. Trump to have some carefully placed anti-wrinkle injections around each eye as a start and to consider treating those lines between his eyebrows (glabellar area). He would want to start slow so that the effects are not too drastic, but this is a quick treatment that he can fit in between meeting of Heads of States.


Unfortunately as we age, the lower face loses volume and in particular in the area between the nose and mouth and from the mouth to the chin. To be fair Mr Trump does not have the most pronounced nasolabial lines we have ever seen, but they can be easily improved.

Mr. Trump could have these lines filled out with a dermal filler in minutes. Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, which is a molecule present in our skin, trapping moisture and contributing to the plumpness of skin. Dermal fillers injections can be performed with minimal fuss and in a quite short period. However he may have some bruising and swelling for a day or two, so this is a treatment he might want to schedule for a quieter period... maybe not when he is planning to repeal Obamacare or build that infamous wall.

4. AXE THAT DOUBLE CHIN. When I say that Mr. Trump should lose some weight, I'm sure I'm not alone. He is in his seventies and by all medical standards is carrying too much weight on his frame. The presidency can be a famously unhealthy lifestyle, but as a matter of American pride Mr. Trump should aim to give the impression of a man whose body can withstand the trials of holding that office. After all, he is now competing with Mr. Putin... The Mr. Putin who rides horses bareback in the Russian winter and wrestles boars.

Whilst Mr Trump is working on his diet and exercise, he could kickstart his weight loss programme with some strategically placed injections of Aqaulyx to his jowls. Aqualyx contains a compound from the deoxycholate family, and is similar to the enzymes produced by the liver to digest fat. Aqualyx liquefies the fat cell, releases the lipids that are trapped inside, and these lipids are eliminated by the body. Aqualyx can be used to treat stubborn fat deposits all over the body, and even can be used to treat the development of breasts in men. The treatment is permanent, but must be combined with some excericise or the released fat will just be taken up by another fat cell.

5.HAIR TODAY, GONE TOMORROW. Platelet Rich Therapy uses the healing and rejuvenating power of your own platelets and other growth factors to stimulate collagen production in the skin. When we get a cut blood rushes to the site of the injury, bringing molecules to stimulate new cell growth to heal the cut. Platelet Rich Therapy mimics that effect. It consists of taking a sample of blood, centrifuging to separate out the components and injecting the blood back the skin. It is ideal for reducing the appearance of scars, wrinkles, improving general skin tone and get this... even hair loss. Do I even need to refer to that famous comb over.?

If you are a head of state or just a savvy civilian and would like to explore some of these treatments further, please contact us at Cosmetic Beauty Secrets for a free consultation.

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