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How to Rescue Your Winter Skin

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Even though we are only in November, we are clearly in winter. With temperatures plunging to around 1 degree celsius our skin is susceptible to all manner of ills. Firstly, the cold air draws water out of the skin. This is exacerbated when we go into heated rooms or have hot baths. Icy blasts of wind strip moisture from our face. Even the frequent hand washing in flu season contributes to dry skin.

The overall effect of winter is that our skin loses its protective natural oils. It begins to feel itchy and tight. In the worst cases this triggers a flare up of eczema, leaving us with cracked and unsightly skin. Even acne sufferers feel the brunt of winter, since lower levels of protective sebum make the skin more susceptible to infection.

Winter is also the party season, which makes it almost the worse time of year to have problematic skin. With this in mind we have created our winter facial designed to mitigate against the harsh effects of the icy weather.

1. Calm and gentle cleanse: Winter months are not the time for harsh chemicals and artificial preservatives that irritate the skin. Our cleanser is free of these, but full of

  • Aloe vera to soothe and moisturise

  • Cucumber to soothe

  • Camomile rich in nourishing antioxidants

  • Japanese green tea to soothe and soften dry skin.

This extra gentle formula removes make-up, dirt and oil without irritating or drying sensitive winter skin.

2. Exfoliation: Dead skin cells build up all throughout the year, making the skin appear dull, giving an uneven skin tone and clogging up pores. Our gentle scrub exfoliates the skin using the power of plants.

  • Carrots are full of beta carotene and plant retinol which stimulate collagen

  • Dandelion extract detoxifies the skin

  • Tumeric promotes radiancy

  • Ginger root extract combats dull and lacklustre skin

  • Avocado oil and Vitamin E protect the skin's natural moisture barrier

The small particles polish the skin, removing surface impurities and environmental damage. This reveals radiant, youthful skin underneath.

3. Fruit Acid Peel: The acids found in sugar cane, milk and citrus fruits can have powerful effects on skin quality. They work by "ungluing" the bonds between old skin cells, allowing them to be gently sloughed off. Fruit acids:

  • improve skin texture,

  • increase moisture retention,

  • protect the skin barrier,

  • stimulate collagen and elastin,

  • reduce fine lines and wrinkles,

  • treat urface pigmentation and

  • fights acne.

We use glycolic acid, known for its small particles and ability to penetrate deeply. Ideal for dry and ageing skin.

4. Detoxifying Clay Mask: Masks are all the craze, and for good reason. We use a french pink clay formula to draw out impurities from the skin like a magnet. This closes pores, clarifying and brightening the skin's appearance.

  • French clay attracts dirt and impurities to gently deep clean

  • Rosemary oil hydrates

  • 5 Fruits acids: mandelic, phytic, lactic, salicylic and azelaic acid work to refine and brighten skin tone

We leave this soothing mask on for 15 minutes whilst it dries.

5. Eye Rejuvenation: The eyes are the key to our soul. They also are the key to looking refreshed and party-ready. At this stage we tailor the treatment to your individual eye needs

For tired, puffy or irritated eyes, we apply a gentle eye gel using a cool roller ball applicator for an instantly refreshing feel. The gel harnesses the soothing and hydrating properties of cucumber, aloe vera, Japanese green tea and chamomile in an ophthalmology approved formula.

To rejuvenate mature eyes, we apply a lifting and contouring cream.

  • algae extract supports collagen and elastin

  • tetra peptides improve skin tone and firmness

  • peony root deeply conditions

  • seabuckthorn is an excellent source of antioxidants

  • olive oil acts as a source of natural lipids and

  • cassava immediately lifts the skin

6. Nourishing and Rejuvenating Serum

This super-serum deeply moisturises to leave your skin feeling luxurious and glowing. Packed with botanical agents this cream is your party favourite. It contains:

  • Vitamin B5 acts as a humectant to draw moisture to the skin

  • Sunflower seed oil is full of fatty acids and natural antioxidants to condition the skin

  • Phytinol improves skin tone and smoothness

This serum has been clinically tested to provide 24 hour moisture and is the perfect antidote to dry and irritated winter skin.

7. Don't forget the lips! Unlike the rest of our skin, lips don't have sebacecous glands, the glands that make protective oils for our skin. Furthermore, the skin is thinner on our lips. This combination means that lips are susceptible to drying out, and dried lips crack and peel. To keep your lips luscious this winter we apply a patented lip treatment.

  • Cocoa butter softens and nourishes

  • Ginger enhances the lips' natural pink colour and immediately plumps

  • Rasberry seed seals the moisture barrier

  • Alfalfa extract minimises the appearance of fine lines.

8. The Genius Touch: This device uses patented ultrasound technology to gently warm at the tip while massaging skin care products deep into the skin. This addition enhances all the effects of the previous botanicals to reveal amazing and renewed skin.

  • Emits 300,000 ultrasound waves per second

  • Three warmth levels for a personalised experience

  • Tear drop shape allows easy access to the contours of the face. This last stage has been clinically tested to enhance the radiance of skin by ensuring uniform application of skincare. No wonder it's Genius.

The eight stages of this ultimate winter treatment will cleanse, detoxify, nourish and enhance your skin just when it needs it the most. It's a must-have for the festive season and at £99 is affordable when we need our budget to stretch the furthest.

Make sure to book in early this winter. For other skincare tips during the colder months check out How to Banish Chapped Lips this Winter and Christmas Belly: How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too.

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