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Celebrity Legs and How to Get Them

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

I know it's only winter, but we get our summer body based on our winter work and summer is leg time.

Short skirts and high heels await, and here are our top tips to get the best pins of your life.

1. Microsclerotherapy: Bothered by unsightly veins? Then this one is for you. Microsclerotherapy is the injection of a salt-like solution into the offending veins. It irritates the lining of the veins and causes them to stick together. Blood stops flowing through them and they dissolve in a few weeks.

The treatment is relatively painless, and is the gold standard for the reduction of thread and spider veins. In the first two weeks post-treatment clients must wear compression stockings daily and more than one treatment may be needed to achieve the optimum result. The veins can take several weeks to completely dissolve. It is for these reasons that I advise my clients to have this treatment during winter, giving themselves enough time to be ready for July and August.

Have a look at this link for some before and after pictures. To see the treatment in action click here. A session of Microsclerotherapy costs £250 and we treat all appropriate visible veins on the legs.

2. Stretch Marks: Few of us know that stretch marks are actually scars, usually caused by rapid weight gain or growth which stretches the dermis layer of the skin. Stretch marks tend to form in areas that naturally store fat like the abdomen, buttocks, breasts and inner thighs. With time the scars weaken and lose pigmentation so that they appear pink or lighter than the normal skin tone. Unfortunately stretch marks are common with nine out of ten pregnant women developing them. To make matters worse, they are difficult to treat. Enter microneedling.

Microneedling creates thousands of very small holes in the dermis layer of the skin, exactly where stretch marks form. The micro trauma kickstarts the production of collagen and elastin to fill these holes. As the new collagen is repairing holes, it can also full out depressed scars and stretch marks.

At Cosmetic Beauty Secrets we use the Genuine Dermaroller Therapy, which has been german-engineered for the optimum needle length and treatment efficacy. Prices start at £250 a session.

3. Toned Legs: It's all down to exercise here girls. The good news is that your lower body is the easiest and quickest place to build lean muscle that burns fat. There are over 200 muscles in our legs, including the largest muscle in the body- the gluteus maximus. So any good all-body work out must focus on the legs to be effective.

A few tips to add to your excerise routine are:

  • Include leg work in everything you do e.g. squat while doing biceps curls, or stand on one leg during shoulder presses.

  • Focus on your weaker side by starting there

  • Work your way up to plyometrics and jumping.

Check out this video for one total body work out designed to tone legs.

4. Silky Smooth: For too many of us this is a daily battle. I long gave up shaving my legs because of the tedium of the daily grind as well as the high risk of razor cuts and ingrown hairs. I migrated to waxing and depilatory creams which made the hair grow thinner and slower. However some women may find depilatory creams irritating and waxing still has to do be done regularly.

When I discovered laser hair removal, it was life-changing. It works by delivering bursts of light energy to the hair follicle, which kills it. Over a course of treatment the hair grows much slower, and each strand becomes fine. It genuinely isn't painful and that includes the dreaded bikini area. During my course I literally went several weeks without any hair growth at all.

If you think this may be for you, do your research and find a reputable doctor led clinic. Lasers are powerful and should only be operated by highly trained therapists. Bodyvie Mediclinic in Richmond has one of the quickest laser machines in the UK, and can treat the entire body in under an hour.

So ladies, we've got five months to get our legs in tip-top shape for the summer. Follow these tips and I'm sure you will be giving Victoria Beckham a run for her money.

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