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Beauty Around the Globe

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

It is no secret that what is considered beautiful changes from country to country. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, but for many it is also in the scalpel of the surgeon. Bums in Brazil, noses in Iran and eyes in Korea. These are the top cosmetic procedures around the globe.

1. Brazilian Butt Lift: In 2016, Ivo Pitanguy, the world renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon and pioneer of the Brazilian Butt Lift died. As a measure of the contribution he made to Brazilian culture he died only one day after carrying the Olympic flame through Rio. In a country that boasts of the " Miss Bum Bum " competition, where women from the 27 different Brazilian states compete for the best derriere, the backside is king. Brazil has the second highest rate of plastic surgery in the world, coming only second to the US. The fascination with glutes may be as a result of the ethnic composition of Brazil, the country that has the largest population of people of African descent outside of Africa. A promient beach and carnival culture also encourages the exposure of the derriere. Nonetheless, the butt is such big business in Brazil that a special surgery was developed here: The Brazilian Butt Lift. Here fat is removed from the abdomen, back and thighs using liposuction and then injected into the buttocks. It has the added benefit of slimming the fat donor sites and avoids the complications associated with silicone implants.

2. The Mummy Makeover in the US: aimed at women after childbirth, the mummy makeover is a combination of cosmetic treatments aimed at returning the body to is pre-childbirth appearance. Usually a combination of a breast augmentation to lift sagging breast tissue, abdominoplasty to remove excessive stretched skin and liposuction to reduce fat in stubborn areas such as the hips or inner thighs. Women boast about the increase in their confidence and ability to wear bikinis without shame.

3. The Korean Monolid: Seoul, South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world. More procedures per capita take place here than any other country . Yes, beating out Los Angeles, Brazil and Beirut. One in five women in South Korea, have had some sort of cosmetic surgery. So what is the most popular surgery in a society where surgery is so common? The double eye surgery. Tissue from the upper eyelid is removed to create a visible fold. This epicanthic fold is common to most ethnic groups, but absent in about 50% of the asian population. While popular, this trend is controversial. Critics contend that the surgery aims to "europeanize" the facial features of Korean women, especially when done alongside rhinoplasty and jaw sliming. Regardless of its negative connotations, almost all Korean beauty pageant contestants will have undergone double eyelid surgery and even a sitting Korean President had the procedure whilst in office.

4. Iranian Rhinoplasty: If you are a woman in Iran, you are seven times more likely to have a nose job when compared to your US counterparts. As many as 200, 000 Iranians undergo rhinoplasty each year. In a country that is strictly opposed to anything western, it is interesting that under Islamic law and interpretation there is nothing to prohibit nose surgery. Rhinoplasty costs almost six times the average monthly wage in Iran, so being able to afford the surgery is also a sign of wealth. In fact, the telltale bandages of rhinoplasty are considered "bandages of honour" in the Islamic Republic.

5. Limb lengthening in India: In the 1950's, in Soviet Siberia a Polish surgeon Gavriil Ilizarov, pioneered a surgery for people born with legs of different lengths. The Ilizarov procedure involves cutting and slowly separating bone, allowing new bone grow in the gap. The end result is an overall increase in the length of the bone. Limb lengthening is now popular in Delhi, with patients travelling from around the globe seeking to be taller. People claim that the extra inches increase job prospects, marriage proposals and social standing. However patients often need several months to recover, are forced to learn to walk again and can be left with permanent disabilities. Not one to do lightly.

For more information on any of the mentioned procedures, feel free to contact us at Cosmetic Beauty Secrets. To examine the latest trends in Male Beauty, check out our Blog: How Cosmetic Surgery Defines the Male Face.

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