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Anti-Wrinkle Injection FAQs 

How do anti-wrinkle injections work?

Injections of botulinum toxin into muscles, reduces the strength of the muscle contractions. It is the repeated contraction of muscles that causes the skin overlying it to be come wrinkled.

What effect can I expect from Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Botulinum Toxin reduces fine lines and wrinkles such as those seen on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes. It can also be used to slim the jawline, tighten the skin on the neck,  reduce perspiration and shrink calf muscles.

What type of wrinkle is botulinum toxin best used to treat?


Dynamic wrinkles

How long does it take to have to Anti-Wrinkle treatment?

Approximately 10-15minutes

What are the side effects of Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Local reactions at the site of the injection include bumps or bruises.  These should pass quickly. 

How long will it be before I see any improvement in wrinkles?

The effects are not noticeable right away, but should be seen after a few days and definitely by 2 weeks.


What should I do after my treatment? 

Stay upright for the next 3 hours, move your muscles as you would normally and do not apply any make up or creams to your skin for 24hours.

How long will the effects last?

4-6 months

How much do anti-wrinkle injections cost?

It depends on the areas treated. 

1 area = £199

2 areas = £249

3 areas = £299



Crows Feet

Everyone says I look so refreshed.

Best decision ever.



Forehead Wrinkles

My forehead isn't like the beach anymore, full of waves.

Now everything is calm!



Frown Lines

Im so happy to get rid of these lines. I look much happier without them..


Anti-wrinkle injections are miracles. Tastefully done, no one need know. 

Dr Dara

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